'NO MORE' - BLM-Poster

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BANNED by an art gallery recently to be included in their new BLM exhibit because: "...the art is gorgeous, but we do not want to offend any Police Officers.", gallery curator admitted. I am only speaking the truth and I will not be censored like this... Black Lives Matter and I am doing something about it and bypass ignorant individuals trying to silence me!

This vividly colorful protest poster is now available as a 13" x 19" Paper Poster and perfect for any wall in your home, studio or workplace. 

This 13x19 Poster Print is printed on high-quality paper. Prints are rolled and arrive to you in a convenient tube.

• This image is also now available as a Fine Art Print and a Limited Edition Print.
• The rare original graphite drawing on museum-quality paper is available for you as well.


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