For this new and exciting series of drawings and paintings, my subject is young black Jesus at age eight.

Hundreds of fans have requested this series for well over two years from me and now I have picked up the torch and am running with it. It is fresh and has a great purpose, far greater than I could ever comprehend.

The drawings are created with holy water and wet/dry graphite, using a variety of graphite densities and the principles of illustration. While some of my drawing techniques are very advanced, developed and perfected for over 4 decades, a few remain trade secrets and are at the very core of my art… my trademark one could say.

If eight year old black Jesus inspires you, I would suggest getting a poster or two, maybe some T-shirts as well and spreading the love and inspiration as best you can. If you need a particular size that you do not see here, please contact me via email.

Shop and share my art this holiday season and make someone smile… it's that easy!


• 'Simply magnificent and a supreme display of artistry and divine inspiration.'

   -Rev. Marcus T., New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 


• 'What we see here is a most impressive image, one that speaks to the masses on many different levels and in a very positive manner.'

    -Rev. James R., Atlanta, Georgia, USA 


• 'This is bringing tear so my eyes, tears of joy, peace and happiness. I can't stop looking at it… what a powerful masterpiece of art you have created.'

   -Lilia M., Richmond, Indiana, USA 


• 'I feel a tremendous amount of power from this drawing, possible from the holy water you used, whatever the case, this image speaks to me and moves me greatly.'

    -Linda B., Amman, Jordan 


• 'You have managed to create something tremendously powerful here my son, and I will share this to the world in order to instill hope, inspiration and the uplifting of souls wherever they may be. God bless you and your divine work.'

    -Rev. Bradford L., Compton, California, USA 

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