For this new and exciting series of drawings and paintings, my subject is young Jesus at age seventeen.

The drawings are created with holy water and wet/dry graphite, using a variety of graphite densities and the principles of illustration. While some of my drawing techniques are very advanced, developed and perfected for over 4 decades, a few remain trade secrets and are at the very core of my art… my trademark one could say.

If seventeen year old Jesus inspires you, I would suggest getting a poster or two, maybe some T-shirts as well and spreading the love and inspiration as best you can. If you need a particular size that you do not see here, please contact me via email.

Shop and share my art this holiday season and make someone smile with divine inspiration… it's that easy!



• 'Your ability to capture and imbue a drawn image with so much life and a power all its own is simply magnificent.'

   -Rev. Tobias N., Jackson, Mississippi, USA ★★★★★


• 'I do hope that the important work you are creating may spread and inspire millions of individuals all over the globe… that is what we need now more than ever… spreading the love, and in doing so, awakening others in the process.'

    -Rev. James P., Atlanta, Georgia, USA ★★★★★


• 'Your drawings brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I gaze at your work… treasures to behold - GOD bless you!'

   -Maria M., Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA ★★★★★


• 'This is SICK! You have mad, mad drawing skills my brother! Let no man stand in your way of spreading the good word… you are a king among men!'

    -Marcus D., Compton, California, USA ★★★★★


• 'I am now 96 years of age and it is an extremely rare occurrence to witness such a stunning display of talent… your ability to deeply personalize the viewers experience is awe inspiring. I am deeply impressed.'

    -Rev. Nathan L., Richmond, Virginia, USA