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As a well-seasoned artist, I feel an obligation to dedicate a humble portion of my site to BLM, offering my new and classic images of some of the great and inspirational African Americans that I have had the pleasure to work with and learn a great deal from.


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When I designed the DVD covers of Urban Menace with Snoop Dog and Corrupt with Ice-T and Silkk the Shocker in 1999, the LA riots had come and gone and it was a very different world, Rap was coming into its own and turning heads on a global scale. Just a few years prior, I was living in the hood in Pasadena in a condo directly across from Jackie Robinson's home on famous Pepper Street. I had a weekend stay in the LA County Jail and saw a middle-aged African American beat down by eight deputies right in front of me, just because he wanted to go and get his toothbrush he had forgotten. That experience changed me forever. Before I got out of the Snake Pit, the unofficial nickname to my neighborhood by the PoPo, I was working at the Pasadena chapter of the NAACP, just down the street near Robinson Park, with a cool elderly African American dude working as the Art Director. This amazing individual opened my eyes to so many aspects of the Black experience, things I would most certainly not ever have known as long as I live.

When I painted the album cover art for Ronnie Laws (True Spirit), I was also given the task by a Hollywood producer to create four paintings of Jimi Hendrix for the new 'Along the Watchtower' video. In the end, all of the paintings were stolen, except for the best one of them all and the same one I spent over 136 hours on. It was a labor of love and I have had some amazing comments about it in the last few decades. I know that my art is still inspiring people today, all over the world, and it gives me the strength to carry on... I am so very grateful for this.


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